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Restaurant Owners

Employee Background Review
Many small restaurants make the costly mistake of not verifying references or performing the simplest inquires on key employees. This may be costing you thousands of dollars. You work hard and earn every dollar at your restaurant. Your employees should be dependable, honest people whom you know something about. Protect your business, its assets, and help lower operation costs. Study show reference checks and employee inquiries often lead to companies having lower turnover, and fewer inventory issues.

Secret Shopper Program
Let us form a strategy with you to identify how you want your employees and managers delivering your goods and services. Quality control, steps of service, integrity and asset protection is often improved with this program.

Bookkeeping and Point-of-Sale Review
We offer a confidential review of your books and the point-of-sale system. Clients often delegate check writing and point of sale programming to employees. We have identified exaggerated comps, voids, and even employees changing an item price in the point-of-sale system during their shift to put the extra cash in their pockets.

Competitor Review
Ever wonder, how that place down the street is packed? You tell yourself you are going to “check that place out” and the time slips away. We can form a strategy to identify with you to identify your competitors. We will collect the information you want that may include: Website, house specials, bands they employ, Facebook, Twitter, vendor lists, menus and other information you deem relevant.

Business Partner Review
Did you enter into a partnership to open your restaurant? How is it going? Do you feel like you don’t have the full picture? Let us gather the information necessary to protect your investment.